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Professional Drone Photographer & Video

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Aerial Videography

The unparalleled agility of the unmanned aircraft we use and it’s gimbal stabilization being the best in the business, it allows our high definition camera the ability to capture stunning video footage at various speeds and distances from any angle or altitude.. 

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Aerial Photography

Drone Inspections/Progress Reporting

Need to inspect your assets or check the progress status of your special projects without all the hassle and dangers that go along with it? With our drone, we have a 3-way sensor obstacle avoidance technology built-in to the drone that will allow us to inspect your assets safely therefore eliminating the risk of injury in doing it yourself.

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The drone we use allows us to capture gorgeous pictures from distances, viewpoints and elevations that was just recently only a concept by photography enthusiast. Aerial Point Of View Solutions, LLC now have the ability to capture imagery's from an aerial perspective that brings landscape, cities, concerts, etc. to life from a different angle, the sky.

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