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What does APOV Stand for?
Aerial Point of View
Why is APOV SOLUTIONS your best choice?

FAA Approval: APOV Solutions is licensed by the FAA to provide commercial drone services under both standard commercial drone laws. This allows APOV the flexibility to get the job done no matter where and when drone services are needed.

Experience: APOV is operated by professional pilots with unmanned flight hours accounted for in the record books. APOV Solutions offers services under the FAA's "Part 107" Commercial drone laws. This allows us to get the job done the right way, legally.

Are Drone Cameras Legal?

Flying commercial drone cameras in US is absolutely legal. Though there are certain guidelines for flying camera drones including the maximum altitude, time of day, no fly zones etc. 

Can I fly my drone for commercial purposes?

Sure. Flying drones commercially is wide open to do. FAA requires that the unmanned pilot obtain a Part 107 certificate or a Section 333 to do so. With so many obstacles that are potential hurdles a pilot must be ready for, its imperative that the pilot-in-command be a trained pilot or have many flights hours to understand the attitude and flight patterns of the drone in operation.


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